About us..

We are a band dating agency! Matching lots of suitable local bands to venues. We help create lots of gigs with little effort from you. Our directory will promote bands in a number of ways, and make it really easy for venues to book directly.
  • Its free, no fees, no charges, no subscription, no percentage.
  • Cut out the middle man, we match venues to local suitable bands for free.
  • We help promote all bands, increasing their exposure, and get them gigs.
  • Venues will instantly have lots suitable bands in their area ringing them.
  • Bands will also be told about suitable venues looking for them.

For Bands..

Just think of us as your band agent that you never need to pay. We do what we can to give your band more exposure. We give clear up front information about your band, make real links to your website and your myspace page to help promote your band. We tweeter about you, repost your youtube videos, post your details on our sister websites and will let venues near to you know you are ready for a gig! We will also email you with details of venues who are looking for bands in your area.

For Venues..

You will find the bands you want very quickly and easily, the best bit is, its completely free!!!. No fees, no percentages, no subscriptions! If you choose to 'publish' your details, then our website will go into overdrive, seeking out bands most suitable to you. Your phone will burst into life, with calls from suitable bands in your area.

What's in it for us..

We have lots of automated processes. Advertising bands using a number of automated methods. Because of this, our overheads are small.

Bands wanting more exposure, you can pay us a small fee for our premium promotion for which we do some extra work to advertise these bands. This fee also helps to run this website.