** Laura **

Laura is a duet with a the Bass player Geoff Kitson who are very likely to succeed with admiration.
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Laura has recorded a numerous amount of songs from copies to her own material and funnily enough has a cd called Woman Inside. A five tracks cd in which bassline matters with blends of easy listening and has a respiring sound to ones own ear. Laconic in one form and trendy in another we have an awsome reaction here. Since Laura can remember she has reminisced her compilations into actions and her work is still indicated captured by her audiences. As we may hear from time to time a new edition to the dance charts or who knows maybe a number one (infamously) but enough. Both continue on with their journey into the unknown. Step out with Laura and dont be let down by her musical diagnosis of lyrics and bass textures with their own stereotypical Image.

** Laura **, Leeds Bradford
music type
easylisteningbassline - Live originals duo
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Leeds Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 9AQ
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