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Abusing Mary Jane

We are Abusing Mary Jane weve been a band for 2 years and formed in our collage in the BTEC year we wrote 2 songs for our end of term gig and decided to stay together.
Dom Littler - Guitar, Lead vocals
Harry Stokely - Bass, Backing vocals
Tom Lonton - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Craig McQueen - Drums
we have a number of influences from the Foo Fighters, Blind Melon, Eric Clapton and Incubus to name a few.
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We are a vaired band when it comes to age groups older folk will like our use of guitar solos and the younger generation will love our fun loving nature on stage and our catchy songs.the bandhave currently have an E.P relesed called "Everytime You Fall Asleep Tonight we are sutable for any event we can do a range of songs that can make anyone have a great time plus ith our older rock influence from our guitarits we can even chuck in a cheeky jimi hendrix song. We have 3 vocals our lead singer Dom Littler who has a very disidctive voice, Harry Stokely whos voice has a greart melody great for his backing vocals and does a great job making our songs what they are and Tom Lonton whos voice allthough not the most powerful gives us the hard edge that gives us great songs. Each memeber brings a great element to the band drummer craig mcqueen brings his nirvana dave grohl style drumming in to give the band a powerfull noticable drum sound that no one will forget in a while, dom littler is the main song writer and has a great mind for it and his voice is a very pearl jam influenced gravely voice but at the same time so different its not gone unnoticed, harry stokely is an amazing bass player he has the bass accuracy of incubus and his own style of funk makes the bass a crutal part of the band tom lonton is heavly influenced by 70s guitar solos adn Abusing Mary Jane use his skills massivly in there songs most of the songs use his solos.
If you love hard hitting drums tight funky bass riffs great songs guitar riffs and solos and massive oriinality with vocals and style then we are the band for you hope you enjoy everything you here from us in the present and in the future much love XX Abusing Mary Jane XX

Abusing Mary Jane, Colchester
music type
Hard Rock/Indie - Live originals band (4 members)
available for
Any event including; Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Wedding, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Colchester, Essex, CO3 3LL
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