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Alice Peach

Alice Peach is a singer songwriter with a voice that has incredible power and range who sings a diverse selection of Rock Pop/Punk tracks.
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Along with songwriter j m fosterol, Alice wrote and structured the debut album 'Plagiarist' and over a period of 2 years 07 - 09 the album was recorded in Boltons Studio Seventy two with musicians Mark Shea (drums) and Paul Snape (bass, mandolin, production) who also engineered the album. The music is a melodic collection ranging from raw pop punk to acoustic moments and inbetween this an innate pop sensibility. Based near Manchester and currently attracting interest in the area and on local radio Influences are Mott the Hoople - Sparks - ac/dc - Helloween - U F O - Misfits - Queen - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rush - Brandi Carlisle - Judas Priest - Kate Bush - Mozart - Blackmores Night - Tori Amos - Sex Pistols - Muse - Fratellis '''Glam Rock''' We like a huge range of music and I hope that you can hear that.
Music is loud not really suitable for under twelves

Alice Peach, Accrington/manchester

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rock /punk - Live originals band (4 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Festival,
Accrington/manchester, Lancashire, BB4 5JQ
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