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And The Return

...And The Return formed in 2007 in the wake of local emo favourites At My Expense and Leeds bruisers The Last Revenge.
The aim was simple, to produce music using the widest range of influences and styles of each member to make one BIG sound thats incapable of fitting into any of the set 'genres' that are floating around today.

They include catchy Pop-Punk choruses, melodic harmonies, Emo, yet in yer face lyrics, aggressive riffs, brutal Hardcore breakdowns, symphonic goth/techno/trance samples, and to finish it off, one of the BEST live shows Yorkshire has to offer.

we make music that makes us tingle everytime we hear it, as far as we're concerned, we're succeeding, and judging by the amount of people that come to our shows and sing along with us, we're making them feel the same way, and we're gonna keep doing just that...

"And The Return aren't content to merely execute the clich d climbing the speaker stacks.

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Instead, frontman Dale Stacey insists on coming out into the audience to climb on the Cockpit's bar. This incident is a fair representation of their whole attitude: everything in excess, exaggerating stereotypes largely in the name of showmanship. This is particularly the case with Stacey's stage presence as well as his often histrionic vocal style, but it also remains true musically - the surplus of kick in most drum grooves is almost self-parodying and certainly an extreme example of typical hardcore-metal drum parts, while certain chord progressions and powerchords alternating with basic arpeggio figures are more an emo archetype. Their approach means nothing is half-hearted and they pull out all the stops live...there's no space for sloppiness or inertia."
Kate Zezulka - Leeds Music Scene
Take from it what you will...

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Emo/Metal - Live originals band (5 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival,
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS20 8JA
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