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Ange Hardy is from Somerset and has been a songwriter from the age of 14 when she first picked up a guitar on the streets of Ireland.

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She is completely self taught and has always used her writing as a way of channeling the intense life she has led.

A few more rocky years separated her from her music and then she had her first baby at 19, Amy. Amy was a new start for Ange, she left the destruction behind her, moved into a little house on her own, and poured herself into motherhood and once again... Her writing.

When Ange was in her early 20's she started playing around the open mic scene in Taunton Somerset and it soon became apparent to her and those around her that her musical career had very much started. Using the next few years to home in on her vocals and performance she continued to write and home record until she had material for her debut studio album: "Windmills and Wishes", a true autobiographical outworking of her life.

Ange went on to marry Rob when she was 25 and have her second child Luke at the age of 27. She subsequently moved to her family home near Watchet in Somerset. In the following few years Ange focused on her family and rooted her music to a genre, the only genre it could possibly be: Folk.

Ange wrote a new 14 track folk album 'Bare Foot Folk' and in this album Ange shows her true songwriting skills as she, though still drawing from her own life, manages to write classic, traditional and contemporary folk songs telling stories that outstretch her own life by 100's of years.

Ange is currently touring Somerset and planning nationwide tours for 2014/2015. She performs as a solo act, showcasing her delicate guitar work and stunning voice, she layers her vocals in a contemporary twist using a "live looping machine" which allows her to record and instantly play back layers of vocals from the stage resulting in the same warm depth of harmony that she achieves on her studio album.

Ange takes you deep into the songs and the stories behind the songs, and her testimony becomes the heart of her performance.

Ange continues to write at her kitchen table, she has almost completed two more albums - with a view to release a new folk album in 2014, and "Folk and the Flipside", an exploration in to the world of 'The Ange Hardy Band' in 2015.

Ange Hardy Folk, Taunton

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Taunton, Somerset, TA4 4LA
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