Best Boy Electric

Formed in the summer of 89 Best Boy Electric s unique brand of Electronic Rock soon saw the band achieve great notoriety and a compulsive following whilst performing on the local Bristol scene.
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Sexy strippers, extreme light shows and pyrotechnics in even the smallest of venues led to memorable gigs throughout the 90 s

A record deal with SBS records (The original label for the Manic Street preachers) led to Telewest appearances and Radio 1 interest. An uncompromising manager bagged supporting gigs with artists such as Edwin Starr as well a several festival supports with since long forgotten 90 s acts. These were all promising developments however the emergence of guitar based indie rock championed by the likes of Blur and Oasis saw the expectations of Best Boy Electric soon fade away to become The Band that never was .

18 years later and Best Boy Electric find themselves in the rehearsal studio. All original members are present. Russ Sear (Vocals) Simon Donadel (Guitars and vocals) Rob Case (Keyboards and Vocals), Nick Dyte (Bass) and Si Taylor (Drums). The mothballed keyboards, lush synths, drum machines and live instruments are huge and uncompromising but at the same time a breath of fresh air in the acoustically driven forgettable music era we currently find ourselves ambling through.

Don your leathers and lace and mullet your hair. Best Boy are back and are ready kick again to finally leave a never forgotten footprint on the fickle arse of the currently tired and directionless music industry.

Best Boy Electric, Bristol

music type
Rock/Pop/Electronic - Originals band with backing tracks (5 members)
available for
Events, Festival, Corporate,
Bristol, Avon, BS5 7NF
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