Black Diamond Bay

We are a Leeds based band called Black Diamond Bay.
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There are seven of us. We play electro-folk. We regard ourselves as the first band to do this properly. Some of us are from Lithuania. Most of us are not. We came together when Tom, the producer and Jesse, the song writer (original members of attic based house production duo, Tarentum) decided to hand-pick musicians from the Leeds College of Music to form a band to play their tunes.
Agne Motieciute was the first singer auditioned. Her beautiful voice and subtle air of threat won us over immediately. Holly Thomas was second up. She wasn t as scary but, if you ll forgive the term, she had a right pair of pipes on her. We cancelled all other auditions. Colin Sutton was known to be the fastest bass player in Yorkshire and Ben Ziapour, the heaviest guitarist of Anglo-Iranian origin in LS6. These were significant factors in the selection process, along with their dance moves and capacity for abstract thought. Ben Wilson, a prot g of Colin s, became the drummer not only for his unerring ability to keep time under pressure but also because of his status as resident Dark Horse. His musical genius spans instruments, genres and personas too numerous to detail here.
We had the players. We then had to perform an often painful metabolism, to translate songs penned in a studio, into a workable live sound. It took a year. There was bloodshed. Many bass lines, guitar riffs, even the odd violin solo fell by the wayside, collateral damage in an unjust war. Finally, a sound began to emerge that, while retaining the essence of the original music, had something dark, dirty and powerful strapped to its underbelly. We called it Electro-folk. Finally we settled on a name, Black Diamond Bay, after a song by Bob Dylan about empathy. We re all about empathy. It's the thing that informs everything else.

Black Diamond Bay, Leeds

music type
Electronica - Originals band with backing tracks (7 members)
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Any event including; Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Wedding, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS6 2BZ
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