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Borrina And Longo

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This young Congolese, 36 years old, ex choregrapher of "Les tambours de Brazza" and dancer of "La Compagnie Eb ne" directed by the famous Ir ne Tassembedo, has already a long career behind him: Openings for Youssou N Dour, Isma l Lo, Papa Wemba in Brazzaville.
Accompanied by acoustic instruments(guitars,stand-up bass and percussions), he sings in lari, lingala, french or english with a voice vibrant of emotion. His topics are love, war, his family he left in his country. A music with mixed inspirations from different parts of the world.
His second CD Yula , staid 6 months in BBC play list and got international prize in Quebec. Lately, his single Marianne got in directly in 15th position of the play list of France Diffusion. For the last eight years, he is sharing is time between Paris and California.

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wold beat acoutic - Live originals band (8 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Festival, Corporate,
Fance Paris, OTHER, FRANCE 75020
borrina & longo 
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