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It started with a memory... And a vision... The talk of the town... A pioneer with symphonies in his head... A rock n' roll star from the end of town... The Face just had it, whatever 'it' was... A stranger with a voice and a dream... A chance meeting in a summer beer garden... The missing piece... A union... A brotherhood...

"Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind" (Mick Jagger)

The best music is made by those who have to make it.

Castillo created a world. Their own space. A mood, an atmosphere, a feeling. Ride it. Guitars chime and echo, or roar like the ocean. Bass lines like a quickened heartbeat. Drum skins pounded like bombs. A killer line and a sweet melody. A howl in the night. A lullaby or a battle cry? Passion. No half-measures. Give it everything you have. Make every chorus bigger than the last. Play every gig like it's your last. Who lit the match? Who cares? All you know is you're on fire... Time to go widescreen.

Party music for the lost and the found. Pilots for dark times. Carnival of carnage. Human cinema. A celebration. This is Life. Life and life only. Love and chaos on the dirty streets. Neon Dreams. Cigarettes and silhouettes. The devil has the best shoes.

The best art mirrors life in all it's crazy, chaotic glory. But also transcends it.

"You find the darkness can give the brightest light" (Nick Drake)

This is the sound of Castillo. Dark and Light. No gimmicks. No smoke and mirrors. Pure tunes. Heart, soul and mind. The Sum of their Parts. Light a fire and dance. Get on board. Feel it. Let go .

Jay - Vocals
Luke - Guitar
Dale - Guitar
Adam - Bass
Matt - Drums

Indie rock n roll outfit formed in August '09. First 7trk set written and recorded and now out on the road. Looking to spread to word and play to the masses on '10.

Castillo, Coventry

music type
Indie Rock n Roll - Live originals band (5 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Party, Festival,
Coventry, Warwickshire, CV10 0AA
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