Soulful worshipper and pop gospel singer Cizarina touches the heart of her listeners with her deep spiritual and inspirational lyrics.
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Laced with lush vocals and sweet melodies, the songwriter portrays the imprint of God s word in song. She Plays the piano and writes breath-taking ballads.

Having started out writing songs at 7 years of age she had not a single clue who would sing them, or how they would sound; but after high school, she knew she could do it because she had great inspiration and ideas to her songs. She started out making tracks using the church keyboard and it's at that time that she really started arranging vocals for her songs. She has written over 150 songs to date and is still writing. Her inspiration is life, reality, God. She writes her songs based on experiences she's been through, what others are going through, her thoughts, her beliefs, her observations, her feelings and her dreams. Her songs are edgy, some are classic ballads that will never fade away.

She's done back up vocals for various artists in her country. She sings in the church choir, and has recorded 4 albums with them and took lead vocals for some of the songs. She produced some songs with her friends before, and still co-produces her music. They were called Shekinah, but the group (and band) didn't last long.

She is currently working on an album project. Her single KNOW YOU MORE is the first single off the upcoming album, DREAMY NIGHTS. DREAMY NIGHTS is inspired by God s unfailing love and faithfulness during dark times in life. The album gives hope to the hopeless and dreams to those in despair. It s God s hope to a depressed and dying world.

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Pop/Contemporary Christian - Solo originals singer
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Events, Wedding, Festival, Corporate,
Nairobi, OTHER, SE10 5RJ
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