Tectonic was the first thrash metal band in Romania.

History: In 1981, Liviu Hoisan sets up his first band, singing Motorhead covers.

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In 1986 Liviu Hoisan sets up the Salt band, but quickly changes his name to Tectonic. In 1986, Tectonic began to perform concerts in the country, one of the concerts being at the Top T Festival. In 1988, they released their first song called Arhaic. At that time Tectonic meant only two bassists and drums programmed by Hoisan. They had a tumultuous history of communism, their genre being tough, considering heavy metal as public danger. In 1990, I'm releasing a second Bass Metal song, drum-machine and two bassists. In 1993 an EP called Revolution was published. In fact, the EP is a split, containing the tectonic songs and bandage (a punk band in Brasov). In 1995, the band released their first album called Anomalia. It also contains the Bass Metal song from 1990, but this time much longer (3:11) and the drum part sung of heavy metal. In 1996, Tectonic is disbanded, and Hoisan sets up under the sign of the C, moving away from thrash metal. In 1998, Under the sign of the C is disbanded, and Hoisan sets up Hoisan Commander, an industrial rock band. In the same year, they release the only official album, called Honor, Soul and Faith. The Vergeltungswaffen (Relief Weapons) song also has a video. In 2000, a friend of Hoisan made a bootleg called Extremism? It contains 7 songs by Commander Hoisan, including a remix. And the songs Tectonic: Arhaic, Bass Metal appear here. There is also a track containing 3 Tectonic songs:

-Mars (the beginning of the song Mars Foreza) and later called the Commander's Mars (named after Hoisan)
-Pobeda (what appeared on Anomalia)
-Perforant 77
In 2002 Hoisan abolished Commander Hoisan and restored the Tectonic. But it does not last long and is abolished in 2003. In 2003, he founded the Hoisan Commander, not having any albums. In 2008, the Tectonic rebuilds with Commander Hoisan. Now it's not known if the band is active, but Commander Hoisan is still active.

Trivia Every time, after 2002, Hoisan played in Tectonic concerts and Commander songs.

Commander, Birmingham

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Martial industrial - Solo originals singer
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Any event including; Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Wedding, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Birmingham, West Midlands, B23 7JS
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