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We formed in October 2008, the line up consisted of Paul Smith (guitar) Simon minter (drums/samples) Neil Masters(bass/backing vocals) later to be replaced with Sam Alflatt(bass)and myself Ted Clark(Lead vocals),

The objective of the band was to create something fresh, different, challenging and unique, we were so fed up of all local bands following what ever scene was popular at the time, with influences such as Tool, Rage against the machine, Deftones ect we new our sound was very different.

Our music can be delicate and yet bounding, we are very difficult to pigeon hole but some would say we are prog/ alternative/Rock but our sound sits well on any bill primerally festivals and large shows but we are not to fussy as we just want our music to be heared.

Coronal, Folkestone/ashford

music type
Prog alt rock - Live originals band (4 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Festival,
Folkestone/ashford, Kent, CT20 2TD
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