Deja Vue

T started in 1988 when I teamed up with the Mix Kid (we were also know as the Parana Brothers for a while - Doug & Dinsdale), we used to do mixing using nothing more sophisticated than a twin tape deck.
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We would play a snippet from one tape to the other and then another from a different bit of music.
This would go on until the mix was completed, the process being known as 'bouncing'
Then in 1998 came Sounds From The South. This started as a solo project, after moving back home. Later a friend moved in and we were going to start up together but we ever actually recorded anything together...all that remains is an album that I recorded on my own and another tape of remixes that I did myself.
After this nothing musical happened in my life for a number of years until in 2006 by Deja Vue, my third project. This started off by me doing cover songs. In fact I produced six albums worth. As these were never released, they have all been deleted.
I then went onto think about some of my other favourite influences like The Art of Noise, Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre, and decided I wanted to move more into the field of playing electro music. The result of this was the album Retro-Electro. A combination of eight styles of electro music including dance, techno, DnB and disco.
I finished the album in early August 2007. Around this time I had met up with my old friend The Mix Kid, and although we had remained friends throughout the years, had not collaborated since the early days. After playing a demo of the CD and talking for a while he agreed to join the band.
The Mix Kid (DJ Ears) now composes / produces and does the groove and drum box programming for the band.
Retro-Electro became available on iTunes in October 2007. Work also started on the next album and a remix album. In January 2008 the Beat The Mix competition we entered ended with Deja Vue coming 10th overall you can also find us on NME's breaking bands, GarageBand and esnips websites. Our next venture was The Ambient EP. This was a departure into a different field of expression, not a new direction.

Deja Vue, Southampton

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Electro - Originals duo with backing tracks
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Events, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 3ER
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