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Dere Street

Dere Street is a 4 piece band hailing from the Scottish Borders.
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The name derived from the ancient Roman road that runs from York to Perth, and passes through Northumberland and the Scottish Borders. This name was fitting as the 2 founding members (Gary and Keith) hail from Northumberland and Perthshire respectively. They both now settled in the Scottish Borders where their love for music has brought them together. The band describe themselves as a roots Celtic folk band, bringing together elements of Celtic songs from the British Isles and Ireland. Stuart and Andrew joined the band in the form of more modern instruments more associated with rock style music to bring and new dimension to the band yet still maintaining the folk roots throughout their compositions. The band has reworked the likes of Burns and Christie Moore songs to make a more modern feel to their original works. Also their self-penned work has a tongue and accent of the Border Countries between England and Scotland.

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Ceilidh - Live originals band (4 members)
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Selkirk, Lothian, GU
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