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Drederick Tatum

Hey we're Drederick Tatum, We have 5 members all of us coming from Chester.
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We don't really have a genre we can just specifically shove ourselves in. All I can say is that we love making music and feel passionate about the music we make and the songs we sing, they mean more to us than just making music for the sake of it. Its our life.

There is a kind of passion about playing music especially in live situations! We deliver the best live shows around you can't find a band that put more of themselves into what they believe and what drives them than us. Its being left on stage with every flaw and every bit of you that is real on show for everyone to see. To see every bit of emotion and passion and desperation of a band that truly believe that this is what they need in life and showing the effects that life has brought and made you into. Its the only time people see your true self.

Drederick Tatum, Chester

music type
melodramatic metalcore - Live originals band (5 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Festival,
Chester, Cheshire, CH1
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