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Drink and Drive

Drink and drive are from cultural void and decrepit mill-town, oldham, home of fish and chips, jobless hicks, nick grimshaw and institutionalised rascism.
drink and drive play jerky songs about the things we find on the street
drink and drive are fourfold
drink and drive do not advocate drink driving and are firmly of the opinion that those who do are cretins
drink and drive are not razorlight
drink and drive are book sluts
drink and drive is art
drink and drive, purveyors of celeb-bashing shoutalong post-punk, release their debut e.p.
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"Bad Times In Summer" in July 2009.

Recorded at 6DB studios in Salford by Ding (The Fall, PJ Harvey, Black Francis), the 4 track e.p. Has been championed by acclaimed scots art-rockers We Are The Physics, as having "Brilliant Trackulars".

drink and drive formed in Oldham, England in October 2008 and wasted no time in gaining a formidable live reputation, playing with bands such as Gabrielles Wish and Death Threat Cassette.

Influenced by The Fall, Wedding Present and McLusky, drink and drive's "Bad Times In Summer" lurches from spiky, angular new-wave to sinister, brooding howlarounds and vocals that bite with cynicism, bile and a dark, world weary sense of humour.

Challenging, exciting and unique, drink and drive are a must see live act and have upcoming shows around the Manchester area at Moho Live, The Castle (Oldham), and The Crescent (Salford) confirmed for the autumn / winter of 2009


"Final band of the night is DRINK AND DRIVE from Oldham, home of our very own Electric Circus. Save the best for last they say. Mark E is cited as an influence and in parts, particularly if we're talking about the poetic content, it's writ large. There's even a song about the recession (strangely the first one I've heard this year) and like this, you'll find that each of their tracks is in fact a new wave powerhouse. The bass is immense even when it's just working a couple of notes, and it's given all the more gravity by the use of two guitars. The singer (Ben) has the clout of both Mr Smith and Jello Biafra and has the conviction (and skill) to uphold such heady comparisons. You'll find a kaleidoscope of new wave and post punk in here too, merging the Buzzcocks (third album if you please) with the Gang Of Four and plenty latter day hints of urgent post rock. Impressive, straightforward, with juggernaut bass parts, Drink and Drive are a somewhat unusual but completely compelling package" - Manchester Music Online

"The future of Manchester music" - Jeff Grainger, Dandelion Radio

"Brilliant trackulars" - We Are The Physics

"The spirit of the electric circus lives on" - Mark Burgess, The Chameleons

"Shit hot" - Jonny Brown, Twisted Wheel

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Post Punk, Indie - Live originals band (4 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival,
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL1 1TD
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