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Eleanor Records

Leather Skulled, PVC, Platformed Trainee English Language tutor and female front woman 'ELEANOR' Mary Anne GLYNN owns an English Recording Company built up from Oxfordshire England.
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Medieval Belly Dancing Miss England and Miss Oxfordshire 2006 - 2007 , past live music TV presenter and finalist at the Miss World Talent Show 2006 has played in a couple of Rock bands in the past. Eleanor has now put together a solo English Rock/Metal/Roots Band and vocally fronts, writes and conceptually performs in a Medieval inspired English Rock Band. Eleanor, a Cultural pianist and learner guitarist also fronts and performs in a live covers band. ELEANOR Mary Anne GLYNN Record Produces,writes and Performas all her own albums and artwork.
ELEANOR has appeared in one mainstream music video and worked with a host of creative media,businesses and sponsors on a World level.Interviews with local and national newspapers,magazines and radio stations. Eleanor is an ongoing female vocalist for Rock Electro Industrial duo 'Sikorski'

Genre of Original Material - Alternative Rock, Metal, Gothic, Pop, Roots, Cultural , Folklore and Mythology, Experimental, Classical.

Show Attire - PVC, Platforms, Silver Mic and more.

Website - ( under construction )

Eleanor Records, Oxford England
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Alternative Rock, Metal, Gothic, P - Live originals band (6 members)
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Any event including; Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Wedding, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Oxford England, Oxfordshire, OX4 4YN
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