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Elmo Sexwhistle

Elmo Sexwhistle is a blend of heavy metal riffs, NIN-like keyboard sounds, Electronica, Psychedelic atmospheres, random Nintendo sounds and orchestral elements; they have been likened to Faith No More, Crash Kings, and rather humourously "A cross between Nine Inch Nails and the Scissor Sisters"

Catchy chorus', relentless groove driven riffs, video game nostalgia, uniquely eccentric

Line up - 2013
Alex Juno - Keyz + Vocalz
Ben "The Cash" Cashmore - Drumz
Adge Basszilla - Bass
Rusty Pickupz - Guitarz

Elmo Sexwhistle, Birmingham

music type
Electronic/Rock/Metal/Synthpop - Live originals band (4 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival,
Birmingham, West Midlands, B29
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