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Fuzzie Duck Rock n Roll Party Rock Band

Fuzzie Duck - 50's Rock n Roll & Party Band

Fuzzie Duck offer a foot tappin', leg twistin', brace poppin', jump 'n' jivin', skirt twirlin', swingin' 'n' rockin' revue of 1950's/60's Rock 'n' Roll with a hint of Rockabilly and a topping of drivin', Rhythm 'n' Blues - perfect for any occasion: Party; Wedding; Divorce (yes, we have been booked several times); Bar-Mitzvah; Funeral; Festival; Corporate Do; Custom Car/Bike Show; Party Political Broadcast; Pet Burial; Court Appearance and/or Council Meeting.

We provide our own high quality 3.2Kw HK Pa Rig with 24 Channel Mixer and full Monitoring plus stage lighting and love to play at any occasion, big or small or medium, inside or outside.

"Snoopy" - He's Big 'n' Noisy.

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Vocals and Guitar, playing kustom hot rodded Gretsch 6120, Gibson and Fender Guitars through vintage all valve Laney and Fender Amps. Influences include eating the "occasional" family pie, vats of wine, buckets of beer and laughing 'till his socks blow off. Wears braces to keep his socks on when playing 'n' rockin' on stage. Ex The Kustom Kings

Ben "Smiffy" Smith - Electric/Double Bass and Vocals. This cool dude was born to boogie! Thunderous Rock 'n' Roll bass lines mixed with huge vocal capabilities make this boy a musical volcano of hot rockin' sounds! Large flipper feet and big, fast (but gentle ladies) hands, Smiffy is the Rock 'n' Roll equivalent of a 50's Mark pressure there then. He doesn't have ladies hands either and would like it known that, like Michael Caine, he doesn't like women with big hands. Not sure why but Smiffy has his reasons, and not enough KY. Another Ex Kustom Kings.

Ben Drums. Another very loud Ben! Ben is hugely experienced and has played nearly as many gigs as he has had pints of ale. Definitely the very best Rock 'n' Roll drummer in the whole band. Ben has played in numerous well known local outfits and has a massive high energy set of real ale fuelled power pants. Needs braces but we can't find any strong enough! Power without control, anything can, and frequently does, happen. A HUGELY talented and hard hitting rhythm machine. Another Ex Kustom Kings long Termer !

So there you have it, a great band playing Rock 'n' Roll, Rockabilly and Rhythm 'n' Blues, Optional Party Music

Fuzzie Duck Rock n Roll Party Rock Band, Kettering/northampton
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50's Rock n Roll RnB Party Rock - Live covers band (3 members)
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Any event including; Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Wedding, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Kettering/northampton, Northamptonshire, NN16
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