Half Avian

Half Avian is the common musical ground between Mike Payne and Matt Stenning.
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The middle ground could be described as synthpop. Influenced by guitar bands and electronic artists, Half Avian are concerned with production, melody, mood and emotion in almost equal amounts. Influenced by the music they grew up with, and the the music that grew around them, from ELO to LFO.
Half Avian share ther ideas using the internet. Ideas and mixes being sent back and forth, uploaded and downloaded, changed and reworked until a song is formed. The intricately crafted live shows mix guitars, vocals, synths and laptops with depth and melody.

Half Avian, Mold
music type
Electropop - Live originals duo
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival,
Mold, Clwyd, CH7
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