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Hi there, We are a helvelyn2 a fantastic young rock band with a good reputation around the n/west and midlands we have supported bands such as Marseille, Avenger UK, Tigers of Pan Tang, Wired Desire & Blanco Diablo all touring bands, we have played 100,s of gigs over the last 3 years and are know looking to increase the bands profile and fanbase we are looking for any opportunities to get the bands original music out to a larger audience.
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We also do covers as part of the bands set at gigs. Any assistance or gig/support slot offer would be appreciated, the band can be checked out on


The Launch Pad, Hard Drive Festival 2009: The SeaBass Verdict

Outside on the Hobbit Stage, Helvelyn 2 breathed some much-needed life into the proceedings with their melodic rock. With a nice mix of uplifting riffs and gorgeous harmonies, Helvelyn 2 touch upon the borders of Dragonforce song epicness. One thing's for sure, they certainly have enough hair to rival them!
The threesome took to the stage at the King Edward on Saturday night ready to face a hard bitten, critical local rock audience liberally sprinkled with well imbibed, loud Welsh rugby fans.
However daunted the boys might have been it didn't show.
In no time at all they had the audience eating out of their hands. The line up might have changed, the music may have a more powerful, heavy vibe to it, but there is no mistaking talent.
Ishys powerful, gravelly vocals were more than complimented by the vocals of guitarist Stef Finney, a fantastic guitarist. James Eccles-Churton proved to be no slouch either with a dynamic, non stop drumming exhibition.
And let us not forget that, as well as taking the lead vocals, Ishy is a bass player second to none who still fills the stage with his presence.
It's hard to believe that the average age of this band is still only nineteen and they have thousands of hours of gigging under their belt.
Their cover versions were everything you would expect from such talented musicians but it is with their own material that they really shine.
Speed Freak in particular is destined to be a rock anthem and everything about last nights performance belied the age of this band.
Set over the band had to come back for an encore as there was no way that this audience was leaving till they had had their fill!
Blackpool has a great live music scene and every so often a real talent emerges. This was the case last night.
If you like your rock music loud, raw and powerful, catch Helvellyn II while you can, because bigger venues and continued success must surely be the future of this excellent band.
Ali Donald

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Wigan, Lancashire, WN2 3PR
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