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How to Fight a War

Explosive! New Metalcore band, that stead's from the Sullfok area.
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Ear splitting screams, backed up with clever melodies, unmatched guitar solos, punchy bass, and jaw braking drums. This 5 piece will leave you bloody, sweaty, and screaming for more.

Artist (Tate) Ruptures the atmosphere with screams that will mortally wound the weak. More over his compelling lyrics grip to your mind, soul, and body and convinces it to think and feeling with every facet of your being. Versed in many types of musical arrangement, Tate has an uncanny way of leaving crowds speechless with fists in the air.

Lead Guitar (Karl) Comes from a background in all rock classics, jazz, punk, and metal. Educated in the theories he hails from a long line of musicians. Karl`s unique style will have even the most experienced guitar players rubbing their eyes in disbelief.

Rhythm Guitar (Mike) - Has been around the block in his music career. He has played around the world in different venues. Mike is a very animated musician pegging of the charts on the entertainment meter. His jagged unyielding melodies will pour through the metal atmosphere like acid.

Bass Guitar (Phil) Is a metal melting pot. He has literally smelted all fast aggressive styles of play punk, thrash, industrial, progressive metal, and metalcore. Derek is the oil that greases the rhythm section, he displays a range of progressions the shift the crowds back and forth and leaves the lovers of low in awe during breakdown.

Drummer (Jeremy) Also comes from a long line of musicians. The founder of the group branched out of the typical metal and hardcore types looking unique talents that could combine to make an exclusive sound that only How to fight a War can produce. Jeremy punches through the air with crushing authority as the kicks grind out hard chest beating rhythms that will shake loose your joints.

music type
Metalcore - Live originals band (5 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Festival,
Lakenheath/ Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 8UA
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