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Humble Grumble

Recalling a golden era of European 70's prog with a touch of Primus, Ween and Eastern European folk, Humble Grumble is without question the most dynamic, musically diverse group to have sprung from Belgium in over a decade, putting on the shows of utmost versatility and unforced originality...
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Humble Grumble transports you into a space where boredom would hold forth, instead leaving you with unforgettable memories of their performance. So, for those all in need of a good laugh or a blood-sparkling groove, and with improvised melodies to suit the event, Humble Grumble brings you a daring cocktail of musical styles sewn together within the unifying force of universal love.

Humble Grumble, Gent

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Alternative, Jazz-Rock - Live originals band (8 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival,
Gent, OTHER, ME13 9RR
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