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It began one day in November 2007.
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Icarus, inspired by the legend of the man who dared to dream of flying the highest, was born. The band drew together experienced, talented musicians from varied musical disciplines to produce a new, unique whole. The Icarus name stands for ambition and a willingness to take risks and that is what this band does.

Layered ambience surrounds compelling melody, courtesy of the band s inspired song-writing. The band s sonic power carries forwards Steve Flanders potent voice, howling over the rhythms and atmospheric soundscapes. This lends the music a more direct connection to the audience than many other prog bands, who often convey a sense of distance letting their music do all the talking. This is a tell-tale sign of the band s classic rock roots they do not focus obsessively on the progressive even if it forms their foundations. This connection with and awareness of simpler rock n roll sensibilities shows in the band s humorous between-song banter, too fun is as much a driving force behind this music as artistic vision, mixed in among the music s grandiose themes.

The band has made waves across the Plymouth area since they started, standing proud as one of the few prog bands with legs in the region. Now they set their sights further afield. Quiet, quaint Devon cannot contain their power and this band is hungry. Their line-up just underwent a minor change, and the band are now at the top of their game.

Check out their music independently recorded and released on sites like 7 Digital s Indiestore before you get left behind. Icarus are easy to contact if any further information is needed! Icarus are eager to play anywhere and everywhere snap up an opportunity.

Richard Warrell music journalist

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Progressive Rock - Live originals band (4 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival,
Plymouth, Devon, PL9 0ES
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