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As London continues to fall to their unique, charismatic sound and image, Lilygun adheres to no rules.
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A guitar based rock band with brutally honest lyrics; Lilygun is primarily Anna-Christina, the songwriter, guitarist and singer. Her unusual combination of classical roots mixed with intense aggression has resulted in an uncompromising and unpredictable Rock that has an edge to it. Her music has been described as a shower of bullets and petals.

Over the years there have been some amazing players that have played in Lilygun. Robin Guy (Faith No More/Bruce Dickinson), Belle (Killing Miranda/Lahannya), David Ryder Prangley (Rachel Stamp), Aaron John (Boy Of The Afterthought) and bass player Piranha.

Lilygun is a band free from rules, fashion trends and the common trappings of most rock bands. Not often nowadays do you see bands that offer something different. Not willing to submit to the norm, Lilygun has the ability to create a strange and captivating atmosphere when playing live. When the question arises of who or what they are like, it's always met with the same reply, "I dun no"!

The name "Lilygun" was just two words thrown together at first but as they progressed, it took on a meaning all on it's own. It's a perfect representation of the many contradictions the band has. Something beautiful inverted into darkness. Aggressive and heavy in parts of the set they play, to soft and fragile. All inventive, all projected with a sense of glamour and a certain freshness and vibe of their own.

Lilygun, London

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Rock - Live originals band (4 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Festival,
London, London, N1
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