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Lip Service

The lights dim and a thunderous primeval beat fills the void before being joined by a rib-crunching bass line that, together, shakes the very soul.
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Twin guitars slam into the consciousness before your body is fully impaled on the floating lyrics that sing of love, lust and greed. The assault is relentless as song after song hits you in the solar plexus. Without wanting to you find your limbs beginning to move and your head begins to shake. The sweat trickles, as all hope is lost and good taste abandoned. Without realising it, you have a shit-eating grin spread across your face and you re clapping to each rock-solid beat. Lip Service have no hidden agenda. They do one thing and they do it well; they ROCK! There is no political message or introverted whining, no false platitudes or sentiment. A Lip Service gig is 100% biker-friendly high-revved rock n roll. Its party central and it s not for the faint-hearted. All too soon the last notes are struck and hang in the air. You ve sung yourself hoarse and there s a buzzing in your ears but you don t care. Rock n Roll was surely never meant to be this much fun?

Lip Service began life in an ammo store and developed a look and sound of their own, recently described as sleazy 80 s influenced hard rock drowned with lyrics about sex and drugs . Come And Get It was released in 2008 and well received by the media with single, Late Night Love Affair , achieving significant airplay, particularly in America.

The past 18 months has seen Lip Service support Dan Reed (The Dan Reed Network) and Ricky Warwick (The Almighty, Thin Lizzy) and release a follow up 6 track EP entitled Six of the Best . Skid, from, probably best describes the Lip Service mission statement: Lip Service are trying their damndest to bring the debauchery of the 80 s roaring into the current millennium .

And the story ain t over yet. 2011 sees the band become part of the New Rock Godz tour and plans are well under way for a series of Rock for Heroes events. What began in an ammo store has now turned into a full frontal assault; Lip Service are explosive!

Lip Service, Southampton
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Classic Rock - Live originals band (4 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Festival,
Southampton, Hampshire, SO50
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