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Lorenz Attractor

2 female vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.
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Think back to the last event you organised. What's the first thing you remember? The food? Maybe. The decor? Unlikely. Chances are it was the music. Good entertainment is key to any successful event, the one thing you can't skimp on is the music. We are a blend of new and experienced musicians, performing 100% live music. We play both original and cover material and make a great job staying current and acknowledging gems of the past. We keep a really good mix of highly infectious, danceable tunes, rockers, a few slow dances and a few, "check this one out" tunes...
The mark of a good party, at least from a musical point of view, is to keep the dance floor busy. Lorenz Attractor have a more exciting, interesting, and dynamic impact than a DJ spinning CDs. You can feel the emotion of the musicians, you can see it in their faces, you can hear it.

music type
Indie, Rock - Live covers band (6 members)
available for
Any event including; Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Wedding, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG33 4LG
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