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LuMaDeSKi are an energetic new and experienced collaboration between 5 men (all bastards) from around the world, writing material and sharing ideas on what they believe to be a fresh approach to hard rock music.
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They encompass influences from their widely varied metal and post-punk backgrounds.

Dev Maritz is not only the eye candy of the band but is also the most secretive and not much is known about him apart from the fact that he like Max was hatched in a Southern African prison. He has since been a session guitarist on the worldwide underground circuit playing with a wide array of artists and honing his skills around many different styles.

Dev uses Gibson guitars, Ernie Ball strings and Line 6 amplification.

Max Loubser (Caveman) is the weightiest of the band members and is best known for his body odour and collaborations with South African funk-rock legends Eight Legged Groove Machine (Later known as Wonderboom), Me and Mr Sane (with the well-documented song-smith Riku Latti), Damn the Icebergs and the punk outfit Sundogs with his guitarist brother Conrad.

Max uses Yamaha Custom and Roland V Drums, Vater drumsticks, DW 5000 pedals, Evans Drumheads and Zildjian K, Z and A series cymbals.

Kevin McCarthy was the driving force behind Xperience later becoming Bushveld in the late 90's. A spandex clad, large assed hard rock/indie outfit from SE London that played venues like the Rock Garden, 100 club, Dublin Castle & many more.

Kevin uses Warwick Bass guitars and Trace Elliot amplification.

Scott King (Sweetpea) is a native New Zealander and probably one of the only locals not asked to be an extra in the epic Lord of the Rings trilogy due to his hairy feet not being fluffy enough. Born in Timaru he started playing guitar at 17 on a nylon string acoustic that had the top half sawn off. This led to couple of extreme gigs, most notably a spate with the illustrious "Papa Smurf and the Sex Offenders". Scott spent half his life bumming around Asia sampling a wide array of local forbidden substances, before finding his way to London in September 2008. He went on to join a local Crap Rawk outfit but sadly got ejected after a couple of rehearsals because he didn t own a leather jacket and didn t possess Top 40 good looks. In LuMaDeSKi he immediately found his niche among the other knuckle draggers.

Scott uses Epiphone Guitars, Ernie Ball strings, Boss pedals and Line 6 amplification. (He also admitted once that he likes hip-hop although if you ask him he will deny it.)

Luke Dabbs hails from sunny Hammersmith and is the definitive young vocal talent in the group. Although originally hired to bring the bands average age down it turned out he was a pretty awesome. Morris Dancer as well. Luke can often be seen performing his solo material and stealing other peoples pints at open mic nights around London and he is always late for practice

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Metal/Prog/Rock - Live originals band (5 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival,
London, London, TW10 7ED
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