Natural VybeZ

London's Hip-Hop/R'n'B Super group Natural VybeZ.
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Members include: H-Dot, Jynx, Sane, S.I., Akim and Krouza. S.I. And Akim are the oldest and most experienced of all the artists, at just 18 years of age, they ve been recording and performing since they were 15 years old.

They first began rapping, however for the past year and a half they honed their singing abilities. Jynx, Sane and Krouza also began at the age of 15 (Jynx being S.I. S younger brother), they were part of a group called SL section, making grime and rap music. FluidZ and H Dot were part of a trio called R.C.C., they began writing hip-hop/rap music at the age of 15, and recording at the age of 16, however prior to this, FluidZ had previously been writing since the age of 13, and H had been writing poetry from the same age. They all knew eachother from attending the same schools and were close friends, and in time, due to artistic differences, all split from their respective groups. S.I. And Akim went solo for awhile, however still working together. Jynx and Sane formed JnS in late 2007, they completed a mixtape which featured S.I. And H Dot. H Dot also completed a solo mixtape, which featured Jynx, FluidZ and Sane. In fact the group were collaborating a lot before becoming Natural VybeZ. H, Jynx and Sane hooked up with a DJ from Croydon called DJ Shabs, who offered them performance opportunities at different club venues around South London.
Constantly collaborating, performing, working and hanging out with eachother. The team grew closer, mentally and artistically, they had found a common ground. S.I. And Akim had moved to more R n B/Hip-Hop. Krouza, still rapping started to grow fond of the Funky House scene and decided to be a part of it. H Dot and FluidZ honed their rhyming capabilities greatly, and had mastered hip-hop/rap with their lyrical prowess, as did Sane too, now dubbed The Poet by H. Jynx started to become known for his bashful and trademark punch lines and smooth flow in his rap music. He grew a tendency to be more commercial then the other rappers. The band name Natural VybeZ was officially agreed in the late summer this year. To be yourself, to be natural. We are now constantly working hard, recording all the time, and making hits, we strongly believe we are Croydon's best-unsigned act, our hunger backs this, because we have soul, talent, and diversity.

music type
Hip-Hop/R'n'B - Originals band with backing tracks (8 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Croydon, London, BR5 2LQ
facebook: natural vybez 
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