Based in Lancaster UK, the P Λ S S E N G E R S story is one of persistence to find the right pieces from within a small local scene.
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Finally rounding out the line-up in early 2018, P Λ S S E N G E R S arrived - and what a welcome they ve had. Their live debut on September 9th 2018 saw the band share the stage with Martyr Defiled as part of their final farewell show, setting a high precedent from the off.
Drawing influence from a range of Alternative sub-genres, P Λ S S E N G E R S combine the aggression of contemporary Metalcore, the gut-loosening heaviness of Djent and the ambience and creativity of Post-Rock, all fired atop a hotbed of contemporary electronics/synths, the band have created a sonically infectious sound which fans and listeners have rapidly identified with.
Debut single B O U N D A R I E S landed on Monday 6th August 2018, to an overwhelming response, which soon led to Metal Hammer magazine and Progress Wrestling putting the band forward to a public vote and the chance to play Wembley Arena in September 18. P Λ S S E N G E R S placed second out of 100+ bands overall, not bad for a band that only finalised the line up 7 months previous. So if this is anything to go by P Λ S S E N G E R S are set to become an inimitable force.

Passengers, Lancaster

music type
Djent / Metalcore - Originals band with backing tracks (5 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Festival,
Lancaster, Lancashire, LA1 2DT
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