Reign of Sirius

Reign of Sirius are a Fantasy Electronica band from the UK, based in macclesfield/Manchester in England.The Music is based on fictional fantasy stories written by founder and guitarist Mayo and lead singer Lex.
Mayo (then a music student) first formed the idea in around 2005 influanced by scandanavian bands such as Sonata Arctica and Nightwish and Amarican bands such as AFI and Misfits .
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He was shortly joined by Lex (then a performing arts student), their influances were mutual and their connection was soon to become the foundations of Reign of Sirius . They then recruited a classical pianist and accordian player from manchester known as The brid who became the Keyboardist, they then started rehearsing with a drum machine and backing track programmed manually by mayo . The band was joined by nikki moores who did backing vocals for a while. But it wasn t until the 1st of December 2007 that they did their first gig. The gig was a local success and Reign of Sirius was officiallyFormed as they continued gigging with the drum machine set-up. Before the end of the year Nikki and R.O.S parted ways and the next member was hired. Charlie a nursery nurse from maccclesfield was hired to play Bass for R.O.S and this line-up continued until the end of 2009, touring in london under management company Rock of Ages Entertainment ( who spotted R.O.S at a Showcase at the Carling BH2 in london). The band even managed to produce a single along the way with their own recording equipment, spawning their hit Dragonheart . But then the band decided a reform was in order and started to audition drummers for the return in 2010, and split from Rock of ages entertainment . The return (marked as The Arrival) would see The Arrival E.P and Tour, along with an internet tv station ROS TV and a complete re-design of the bands promotions and websites produced by Lex. Watch this Space

Reign of Sirius s anthemic and epic metal orchestrations and unique sound and stage presence make for awsome live shows and great albums, so wherever you are make sure your ready for THE ARRIVAL

More soon to come

Reign of Sirius, Macclesfield
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Electronica, Fantasy - Originals band with backing tracks (4 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival,
Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11
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