Reyno and Parker's Music and Comedy Review

Paul and Jake are seasoned pro entertainers with over 30 years each in the music industry.
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Beteen them they have played pubs, clubs and festivals all over Europe and have been signed for record deals, but that is all in the past.
Coming right up to date both lads realised that as venues were closing at a most alarming rate they had to get a proper job. That is where Paul and Jake met. Using their artistic skills to entertain residents in care homes they latched on to an idea of allowing more people to see what they have to offer. One year after touring care home after care home throughout South Yorkshire they realised they were on to a really good thing.
So what is it they do?
Most of the material is aimed at an audience of 70 years plus, but does not mean that all ages cannot enjoy. Their repertoire is massive but they tend to stick to a tried and trusted format, unless of course the booker requests otherwise.
Paul starts the evening off with Jake trying his uppermost to put the kybosh on things. Then he is encouraged to join in most of the first part of the show is dedicated to the songs of the 50s and 60s,
songs by cliff, elvis, jonny ray and many others from that era. Paul will then take the solo spot yet again only to be disrupted by Jake and the audience under his watch armed with water pistols ...Walking in the rain has never been the same since.....Jake then solos with his version of george formby. The lads go off and return for their comedy intermission which usually involves someone pre appointed with the booker (usually the celebrant) this results in donating a small gift. The final part of the show gets underway with the lads returning dressed as the cockney diamond geezers this part of the show is no stop music hall, war years, show music and a good old fashioned pub piano type knees up encouraging everyone who can to get those knees up.
It is not your usual 3 sets of songs sung from the stage living in hope that someone claps or dances to the songs. Having said that its not to everyones taste. This is not about great singers, great instrumentalists or even great songs this is all about entertainment

Reyno and Parker's Music and Comedy Review, Doncaster
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mixed genre - Covers duo (with backing tracks)
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Any event including; Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Wedding, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN7 4HB
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