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"Just when you think the vibes of dancehall and hip hop are at its top and headbangin' is the only way to loose your mind on ROCK a band named RIVE!"

Charismatic he is! Front man and lead singer Rivelino Rigters knows how to entertain and get to a crowd.

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With his raw kind of soulful voice he energizes the entire stage.

It has taken more then 10 years of an individual journey through the land of music and entertainment, after Rivelino "Blackrockstar" decided it was about time to exchange a land full of `here and there' musicians for a wicked flashy band! In December 2007 the formation of RIVE (pronounce as reef) was a fact.

Facts so far

* 4 months airplay MTV/TMF - 06/09
* 2 months daily airplay 3FM - 04/08
* Sold out Tour North-Italy - 04/08
* Serious Talent Radio 3FM - 04/08
* Runner-up 3FM Xnoizz B-Battle - 03/08
* Openingact Chinese New Year - 02/08
* 1st @ soundtrackcontest 'DEAL' - 01/08
* Start-up Rive - 12/07

Rive is
Sammy "Slammy" de Fretes - Drums
Michael "Miko" Coomans - Guitar
Dmitri "Da Viber" Vijber - Bassguitar
Julius "J-Tap" Tapilaha - Rhythmguitar
Rivelino "Blackrockstar" Rigters - LeadVox

EP - New Day - 02/08
Single - Growing - 02/08
Single - Hope - 01/09
Single - Easy Lover - 02/09
Album - Rawtentik - 03/09
Single - Mindbuggin' - 10/09

Rive, Amsterdam

music type
Rock - Live originals band (5 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Amsterdam, London, EC3
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