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Room 101

The band was formed in 1986 as The Deal, with the original members being Simon Thorpe (Vocals), Nick 'Arfur' Penny (Guitar), Shaggy (Bass) and Andrew Plank (Drums).
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The name was swiftly changed to Room 101, a reference to the torture room in George Orwell's 1984. We played original Punk songs written mainly by Arfur. Arfur was eventually recruited by Loth Lorien after 18 months, so Simon Roffe was bought in on Guitar. After a year, Simon Roffe decided to move on, so Simon Thorpe switched to Guitar and Chris Gardener joined as vocalist. We played a few venues around Marlborough, Wilts for about 4 years, with various line up changes along the way, and one show in Billericay, Essex, before it gradually fizzled out in 1990.


When Shaggy met his wife back in 2001, she suggested that he started playing again, and from this day on, Room 101 was re-invented, but with only two of the original members interested, Shaggy and Simon Thorpe. Simon kept his role as guitarist. The struggle to find a drummer and singer lasted for a while and interest dropped, until a forum at work, Shaggy found Ben Smith. Mark replied to an ad on the Trade-it website, and Norman was found via the website. Simon, for whatever reason, wasn't attending rehearsals, so it was decided to move on without him. Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Norman has had to leave the band. We have recruited Richard Park, whose stage name will be Norman (it costs too much to re-do the business cards).
We have been together for about two years, and with one thing or another, we have still been unable to rehearse regularly, although we did successfully do our 20th Anniversary gig back in Feb 2007. Rich (Norm 2) picked up and learnt all the songs in 4 weeks. We are now writing new material, and have just finished a studio session (July 2007). Hopefully we can put decent recordings of the songs on this site, and start getting more gigs around the county and beyond.

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Old Punk - Live originals band (4 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Party, Festival,
Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8
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