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Soul And Gravity (Soul and Gravity)

The original idea for Soul and Gravity was born in 2010 by Tom.Initially, the band only had two members, himself and Groch.
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Over the next few years, the team developed, creating a full piece band with a female vocalist, all by 2013.However, something was still missing and after a while, the band decided the female vocalist was not to be.Fate would have it, that in 2014, the band, and the now lead singer Dan, would stumble across each other, creating what Soul and Gravity has come to be today.
Soul and Gravity is a one of a kind band which is hard to pigeonhole. Every song is unique, and depicts a different part of each of the band member s personality, developing its own atmosphere within each of the individual songs.You will hear a collaboration of everything, from a multitude of different genres.Ranging from, the playful tunes of funk and Soul, hard aggressive bassline beats of punk and Rock, smooth melodic changes of Reggae and Ska, with a final twist of edgy hip-hop flows.
Let us take your soul out of gravity!

Soul And Gravity (Soul and Gravity), Ipswich

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Rock, Ska, Reggae, Hip-Hop - Live originals band (5 members)
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Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Festival,
Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1
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