The BHP are a group of like-minded creative individuals who have been making music since high school.
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They experiment with a great deal of hip-hop and jungle and are known to ingulge in the true essence of these genres, putting their own unique spin on it with the use of wonky synths and stomach-rumbling basses. The BHP primarily consists of members TKO and N4styRico, as well as Patrick Odai (Tropical TV, photography), all of whom have known each other since the ages of 12/13. With a sharp ear for astral chords and a bivalent talent of rapping as well as singing, TKO acts primarily as the frontman of the group, with his whitty charm and uncanny 'nerdy' persona which give the group its unique image. Ricardo "N4styRico" Mousinho is the group's instrumental mastermind, with his slick approach to productions as well as his love of rhythmic jungle/afro drum lines, all of which elevate the group to a musical status never before heard across the British Isles. The latter mentioned Patrick Odai is the man behind the group's slick image. Having ventured into photography for fun, initially, he has grown to become somewhat of a known name with the cool kids around the 'internets', as well as being closely affiliated with media group Tropical TV and working alongside Luke Monaghan (ATribeCalledNext, MTV Networks). He is essentially what gives the group its redefining element of 'cool'.

The BHP, London
music type
Hip-Hop/Jungle - Originals band with backing tracks (3 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Festival,
London, London, N12
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