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The Classic Rock Band

The Classic Rock Band are from Farnham, Surrey in the South of England.
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Imagine real life Guitar Hero but played well these are the kind of songs you ll here The Classic Rock Band playing in our own unique way. We ll have your Gran playing Air Guitar on the dance floor at your party event in no time!

The Classic Rock Band lineup of vocals, dual guitars, bass guitar and drums is a complete powerhouse of sound. Everything we do is live. We don't use samples or backing tracks at all. Everything is as live as you can get. Sometimes, one of the guitarists may take to the piano during a song, or play an epic hammond organ solo, or even play both at the same time! We are completely versatile in the ways of rock!

With a lot of wedding and party bands you ll find that most are put together from members of various other bands. There can be different people in the band from one month to the next, under the same band name. This is fine, and as session musicians they will sound great the one thing that can often lack is the sense of fun and vibe from the band through familiarity.

All the members of The Classic Rock band have known each other for years. We play together, go to gigs together, socialise together and know each other really well. This gives off a really fun atmosphere while we re playing at events, as we feel completely comfortable in each others company and have a sixth sense about what each other is thinking during songs. We know when someone is going to go into an unplanned solo because they feel like it. You cannot rehearse this kind of interaction. This comes with years of playing together. We love to jam around mid song like Led Zeppelin did back in the day and we always play for the feel of the song which is portrayed in our ability to play off each other.

The Classic Rock Band is a REAL BAND

The Classic Rock Band, Farnham

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Rock - Live covers band (4 members)
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Events, Wedding, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Farnham, Hampshire, GU35 0BZ
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