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The Devils Rejects

The Devils Rejects were formed back in 2007 and are having great success playing many festivals and gigs around the South of England.
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Their blend of folk, punk and rock music gives them a unique and different sound. Matt Williams, the founder, has always been lead singer and guitarist for the band and he has been on a very long and hard journey to find a stable and talented band.
Chris Read is known to many fans as the bastardised punk rocker and later came up with the band s genre The Rejects stick to Bastardised Country Punk . The Devils Rejects could come under so many different genres as they are so unique hence the genre name. At every gig, if there is one person that will look like they have given it their all; it s going to be Chris. He wants 100% out of everyone and is definitely the motivator of the band. Along with this also comes a huge amount of talent for playing guitar. Chris s guitaring can blow people away. His old punk style of playing with a twist sounds amazing and he is irreplaceable to The Rejects.
Briony Ireland is a multi-talented brilliant musician and is the show off factor and most of the time the theme of the band. She plays accordion and violin incredibly well. Most of The Rejects songs have the main tune on the accordion or violin and without it the band would be very empty.
Rick Hardy has made The Devils Rejects sound brilliant for years now. He is the tightest bassist around with years of experience. Any drummer will know they are safe with a bassist like him. It is very important that a rhythm section has a Ricky Hardy around.
Olie Rance is a very talented technical drummer. Previously in metal bands The Reckoning and Mortuum Soul , Olie joined The Devils Rejects in October 2012 and his style of drumming fuelled The Rejects with even more power. Rance and Rick as the rhythm section make perfection in the band and The Devils could progress even further. Olie is the thirteenth drummer of the band and this year, in 2013 The Devils Rejects are finally brought together to deliver their bastardised punk to everyone all over. The Devils Rejects 2013. Join us!

The Devils Rejects, Bournemouth

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Punk/Rock/Country - Live originals band (5 members)
available for
Any event including; Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Wedding, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Bournemouth, Dorset, BH19 2TF
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