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The Eriksons

4 piece Ska/Punk band formed in 2011 with a talent for Reggae/Dub as much as Hardcore Punk, with quiet sections to boot.
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With a single guitarist, bassist, drummer and lead singer, they packed a lot of punch for such little instrumentation. Backing vocals (or yells) provided by the guitarists gave them thick choruses, filled with heavily distorted guitars and drums as loud as all hell! But this simple set-up also allowed them to play more subdued, sometimes solemn songs with a real one-drop feel.
They've played gigs in Plymouth (including 10 gigs at The Mutley Underground within a year), Falmouth, Bristol, Kingston, Torquay and a few others.
Always a fun band, whether dressing up for a Rocky Horror gig, or sticking in a couple of covers including a crowd favourite rendition of Where Is The Love.
2 members recently moved to Bristol while the other 2 stayed in Plymouth, which didn't stop them playing just a few more important shows; however it seems the band are only sporadically playing gigs here and there where needed.

The Eriksons, Plymouth

music type
Ska/Punk - Live originals band (4 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Party, Festival,
Plymouth, Devon, PL1
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