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The Idles

Formed back in the autumn of 2005, The Idles knew what they wanted to do right from the very start.
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They, like others around them, were growing tired of the constant need of the media to tag bands with fancy little labels (nu-rave anyone!?). They d heard enough of the whiney little indie boys in skinny jeans clogging up the airwaves saying nothing. I don t really care if you had a fight outside a chip shop at the weekend mate. Oh, and please don t ruin that guitar riff with a synthesiser too late, they ve done it.

What s happened to all the good fuckin songs? they asked themselves, Where s all the music that stays with you? That you can feel inside you, that keeps you awake at night because you can t get it out of your head .

Let s be honest, it s great to have all these bands on the radio rather than another r n b girl group from America. But really, could any of them form the soundtrack to your life? I doubt it.

That s where The Idles step in. They bring nothing more than great, honest rock n roll tunes. Tunes where the guitar is once again king. Tunes that make you want to party, fight, dance and love, not necessarily in that order. It s as simple as that. Give these boys a listen, go and see them live, they won t let you down. They re after the same things as you.

"Now, The Idles are hoping to put Liverpool at the forefront of another rock n roll revolution".
S.J. Dibai One Note Ahead

"I'm not likely to bump into these guys in the street to say how much I loved their music, so I'll say it here. It's great! Honest, straight-forward rock 'n' roll with no fuss - something we all need a little of sometimes."
Nick's Muscial Express ..The Idles

The Idles, Liverpool

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Rock n Roll - Live originals band (5 members)
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Liverpool, Merseyside, L1
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