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The Red Pills

We play our own stuff in a punk, rock 'n' roll and blues style.

If the Manic Street Preachers, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Offspring, Dead Kennedys and Rage Against the Machine collaborated, they'd probably sound like us.

We mostly play in and around West Yorkshire, but are always looking for gigs nationally if the price is right.

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We're probably not suitable for a young audience as some of our songs feature swearing or descriptions of sexual acts. We can play a toned down set if required however and have recently played a few acoustic gigs.

The Red Pills took their name from the 1999 movie 'The Matrix.' In one particular scene, Keanu Reeves' character 'Neo' is presented with a choice of pills to ingest; a red pill or a blue pill. Each is a metaphor - taking the blue pill will allow Neo to continue to live a cosy, comfortable lie. Taking the red pill will allow him to wake up to the truth.

The band's live show 'has to be seen to be believed' according to Rebecca Atkinson of Leeds Music Scene and has been described as 'refreshingly bonkers' and 'bracing stuff.' Major Layoff describes this as coming from 'wanting to involve people in having a good time. I've seen so many bands just turn up and play without putting on a show. If you're in the audience, how do you connect with that?'

In order to work out what they wanted to play and to learn about the recording process, The Red Pills released 3 EPs - 'Awakening', 'Bigger on the Inside' and 'Missiles'. Now armed with experience, the lads are working on their first album; an episodic concept album that tells a personal story set in the theatre of the world financial crisis.

Captain Mayhem on the album: "We've been working on it since mid-2009 but it's still unfinished, although as each month passes we get a little bit closer. Lyrics come and go and are changed during ruthless editing, entire songs are relegated to B sides when we find something new that's really cool. One song has two different tunes and two different melodies - we haven't decided which one to use yet. But hey, it's a labour of love and we knew it wasn't going to be easy. If you believe in something, you keep going."

The Red Pills, Leeds
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Punk / rock - Live originals band (4 members)
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Any event including; Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Wedding, Party, Festival, Corporate,
Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 1AA
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