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The Tramadols

Demented psycho lo-fi post-punk/garage rock occultism...

"Brain surgery is not rock n roll; therefore, rock n roll is not brain surgery.

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The Tramadols like to keep it simple, but it doesn t take a brain surgeon to work out that their outrageously engaging live shows are a product of straightforward, driving clarity. They play a punked-up version of 1960s psychedelic rock, keeping the tempo up whilst stripping down the songs to their bare raw bones which results in a cleverly audible live sound that generates an energy which makes you feel like you ve been punched in the face by a really sexy fist.

The rock-solid basslines and stone-age drum beats provide the framework for guitarist James Finn to build a catchy array of riffs on, and so for frontman Alex Anderson the band as a whole provides the monkey bars for his exhibitionist performances... It has an edge that champions the punk ethos whilst the music swings like a peace sign shaped wrecking ball towards the mediocrity of today s wannabe mainstream.

Ideal for a Friday night out with plenty of shots, or maybe a trip to Las Vegas with Hunter S. Thompson.

- Chris Hind, Soundspray"

The Tramadols, London
music type
Garage/punk - Live originals band (5 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Festival,
London, London, N1
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