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Tin Hearts

Having formed in early 2009 the Tin Hearts have spent the last year locked away in solitude, honing their own brand of moody indie rock.
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With an irresistible combination of catchy hooks, haunting melodies and powerful vocals, the Tin Hearts are set to make their impact on London s indie music scene. After years of grinding it out in various bands around London, the band formed when front woman Lydia Millar and lead guitarist Ali Malik, got together and started looking for musicians. And through the haze and dribble of the scence came experienced and air-tight drummer, Matt tick-tock Lawrence, Bass groove maestro, Tom Ruddock and the very bluesy, very talented rhythm guitarist, Tom Mellan. The genre of music they produce could well tick all boxes from Indie/Soul/Rock/Pop. Front lady Lydia Queen of Hearts , provides vocal strength and style in the indie rock vein but with more of a soulful, bluesy edge, while the catchy riffs and melodies of Ali "jack of hearts' M are reminiscent of old school guitarists but with a modern and suspended twist intertwining with Tommy "Celtic heart" Mellan's bluesy and rythmic guitar work. The influences of the rhythm section, Matt Drum Heart and Tom s Love Heart could well be related to the likes of Kings of Leon, The Libertines and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs providing the groovy and contemporary back bone that combine with the contrasting tones to provide a fresh, never-before-heard, sound that will rock your world and leave you wanting more. For bookings, demo CD and more information please contact Fixer Heart Tyler Slade: Email:

Tin Hearts, London
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indie rock - Live originals band (5 members)
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London, London, W2 2YS
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