Female:Lyricist/Singer/Songwriter.Born/bred:West London,currently North West London.
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I come from very much dsyfunctional mixed-race background.

I started writing lyrics,from early age,it was my 'escapism',therapy' from the negative environment I was brought up in. I had relative who when not doing his day job,used to DJ at weekends,etc,and trying to break into the music business as an artist,by cutting a single/cover version of:Kung Fo Fighting track,back in 70's,this inspired me even more on lyric writing,as he used to take me to his DJying events,which I absolutely loved,and enjoyed dancing to the music that was around at the time.

Later on down the line,having writen even more lyrics whilst living on my own,in a bedsit,I contacted a guy who was advertising his home studio in the then: Melody Maker music section(Melody Maker has since merged with NME),put my music ideas down with him,inspired by artists:Madonna,Kim Wilde,Blondie,etc which were really big at the time,and was listening to on radio.

I put together 3tracks,the first one:I'M IN CONTROL,which was 80's pop influenced,along with some others.

I write very strong,deep meaningful,powerful,at times controversial lyrics. I express myself within my lyrics,opinions,issues,anything I feel strongly about,reflecting my life experiences,etc.

I got some good attention from them:Record Labels,Management,etc,but did'nt feel ready at the time to pursue it,I did'nt properly 'know-myself' as a person,I was still growing as writer.

I recently got back in contact with the guy at his studio to re-work/record some more tracks,updated:CONTROL,which alot of people seem to like,once I have completed the tracks,I aim to put some musicians together,and do some live gigs around London/Uk,and currently trying to arrange a Charity music event:CHILDLINE/NSPCC/NAPAC:Camden/London with unsigned musicians/artists playing for free with A/R in attendance,so they can potentially get 'noticed',with the main aim of raising some much needed funds for the Charities concerned.

Most suitable audience for me to play would be:16+,as they would be able to relate to what I am singing/performing about,hear what I am trying to put across.

Trisha, Camden

music type
80's,Rock/Pop/Guitar driven - Solo artist - Live original music
available for
Camden, London, NW1 1SN
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