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Wave7 is an Indie/Rock trio comprising Harry Wade (guitar/vocals), Sam Whitby (bass guitar/vocals/keyboards) and Mark Williams (drums).
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Their sound is fresh and wild, slick and funky, and, in every song they play, uniquely theirs. This is not a manufactured boy band but a living, breathing and above all else rocking group of musicians who make songs for one simple reason: they love music. Surfing runs through the core of the band. Harry Wade is one of West Cornwall’s best young surfers, and Mark Williams also lives for being in the water as much as playing the drums. The pair hardly ever misses a swell at their local breaks of Sennen Cove, Gwenver and, in Harry’s case, a secret right-hand reef break. “It’s sick,” says Harry, “but if I told where it is I’d have to kill you.” Sam Whitby hasn’t taken to the waves – yet – but he’s usually too busy with music. He’s been playing one instrument or another as long as he can remember, and is now blitzing the bass. One seasoned bass player, watching Sam in action, has this to say about his talent: “Sam has got everything. His command of the fret-board is astonishing, he’s got a good ear and his rhythm is perfect. He can play anything.” Anyone tuning in to the Wave7 sound will see at once the array of eclectic musical influences running through the band. Whitby’s bass is never overplayed but listen carefully and you’ll hear some jazz sounds amid the rocking out. Williams hits the drums with straight-up precision, the ideal foil for Wade’s subtle rhythm and explosive solos. Check out the hints of Zappa but most of all, listen to Harry’s voice. No wonder the girls love him. The seventh wave, in a set of waves as surfers understand them, is the last. Sometimes it’s also the most powerful. And often it’s the most memorable. So it is with Wave7. This is one band you won’t forget: they’re going places, and fast.

Wave7, Penzance

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Rock/ Grunge/ Indie/ Alternative - Live originals band (3 members)
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Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 7JG
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