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Wideboy Generation

Wideboy Generation

Surely they re too thin and their strides too tight to be wide boys...

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But if you go by the dictionary definition, Characterised by cocky charm , that name's not far wide of the mark. This band's got all the swagger, chops and unforgettable choons of the Clash, The Jam and even The Who.
And although they plough a similar furrow to the aforementioned legends as well as nodding in the direction of bands such as Oasis, Supergrass and The Enemy, refreshingly they somehow cut out a brand new groove that's never a rut. In another era you might even have called this Power Pop. A garage band in the true sense of the phrase (in that they rehearse in a garage and record in the garden shed), they get a hell of a rabble-rousing noise out of one guitar, one bass and a kit - and it's big enough, powerful enough and downright catchy enough to kick the crap out of the current crop of mincing pointy-shoed indie kids!

Dig the new breed!

Wideboy Generation, London

music type
Power-pop, mod-rock - Live originals band (3 members)
available for
Bar/Pub/Club, Events, Festival,
London, Essex, EN9 2LU
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