Common Questions..

Q) How much does this cost?
A) Nothing!

Q) How do I edit my details?
A) We are still working on an edit feature. Please either resubmit your new updated information or contact us if it is regarding very minor changes.

Q) I didnt upload a picture and/or a mp3 demo. How do I now do this?
A) Please contact us.

Q) What do you do to help us get more gigs?
A) We use a number of resources to help promote all the bands that are listed with us. See about us page for more information.

Q) Help. My venue is receiving too many calls. We are now booked up!
A) A common problem if you have selected to 'publish' your venue. Please contact us, and we can help reduce the calls.

Q) We have more then 9 members in our band. How do I add this?
A) Sorry about that. Its a technical issue. Please put 9, and state in the text the actual number of members.

Q) What else can you do help promote our band?
A) Use the 'Advertise your band' menu option. We then do a number of things which includes adding your entry to our home page.

How to contact us...

Click here to contact us.

Please note, we are currently swamped with requests

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