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All information provided on this website has been directly submitted by the band's themselves.
Including images, videos and downloadable mp3s.

This website will take action against:

  • Any information, images or music that is inappropriate or offensive.
  • Submission of any copyright material of which permission has not be obtained.
  • If you have spotted any material on this website that breaches the above policy, or any inaccurate information then please do contact us immediately.

    Use of band information...
    Our directory will work hard to help bands to get gigs. We do this by publishing band details on our website and across a number of other resources that we think will help bands get work.

    All information with the exception of your email details is published.

    We may often email band's about potential gigs in their area.

    Use of venue information...
    We help venues find the right bands for them. If you add your venue, Our directory will be under the assumption you are seeking suitable bands and will help you do that as best as we can. This service is completely free. No fees, no percentage, no subscription.

    When submitting venue information, you have the option to 'publish' your venue. You can find bands either way, but you will find bands faster if you choose to publish your venue. If you choose to publish your venue, we will inform bands in your area to let them know you are looking to book.

    Once you are no longer looking for bands, either resubmit your information or contact us, so that we can update your venue requirements.

    Accuracy of information...
    Though we take steps to help insure all the information provided within this website is up-to-date, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the information because it has come directly from the band's and venue's themselves. We recommend thorough research of a band before booking them. If you find any information that is not correct, please do contact us immediately.

    Privacy Policy...


    This is a secure web server. So you can be sure you wont be getting any viruses, spam or any other kind of unwanted material from us.


    Cookies are bits of information stored on your computer which aid a website in performing its functions. This website makes some use of cookies, but does not store any personal information within a cookie.

    Personal information

    This website stores information about live bands and how to contact them. It does not give any other type of identifiable information other than the content you give us for publishing.


    We will be doing some statistical analysis on the numbers, conversions and the types of visitors, who visit this website. The statistics do not include any personal identifiable information.

    Future changes to this policy

    We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. Any changes will be reflected on this page with immediate effect. Last updated 21st July 2012.

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